Residential and business customers in New Orleans can volunteer to match some or all of their electricity usage from renewable energy resources such as wind and solar.  

Entergy New Orleans will acquire renewable energy certificates (RECs) to match a customer’s green power option with renewable energy from wind and solar sources of electricity. 

RECs represent the environmental attributes of renewable electricity generation. They are part of most renewable electricity products and allow customers to match their electricity usage with renewable sources of energy. 

Customers can choose from three different green pricing options, matching up to 100% of their energy usage with renewable power through RECs, paying a premium based on which of the three tiers (levels) they elect to participate. 

Levels of pricing

Customers can choose from 3 different green product tiers:

  • 25% of their usage matched with green energy = 1.5 cent/kWh premium
  • 50% of their usage matched with green energy = 1.25 cent/kWh premium
  • 100% of their usage matched with green energy = 1 cent/kWh premium

For more information, contact 1-800-ENTERGY. 

Entergy New Orleans will buy and retire RECs (renewable energy credits) to match the customers voluntary subscription size on an annual basisCustomers can modify participation level every six months and cancel at any time. A customer that leaves the program, must wait seven months prior to re-enrolling.